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“With their third release, the double concept album ‘Alyssa Drone’, Ohmwork is heading towards the heavyweight division of hard rock”

(8/10, Blackmoon, October 2017 by Harald Linbach)


“The adventurous music lovers can expect hours of joy with this release. After each round in the turnaround it grows on you.”

(5/6, iTromso, October 2017 by Åsgeir Johansen)


“Ohmwork have released an exciting, cool and stylish album that deserves to be checked out by all fans of rock and metal."

(5/6, The Wilhelmsens, October 2017 by Johnny Wilhelmsen)


"... legendary acts such as Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Dio, and Iron Maiden, come to mind while some of the guitar harmonies have a whiff of Thin Lizzy and Rainbow about them, but Ohmwork have certainly carved out a sound and an identity of their own now, which is awesome."

(4/6, Eternal Terror, November 2017 by Jens Nepper) 


"If you like hard rock from the 80's, or metal before it progressed to a more extreme direction, you will love the riffs, the soloing, the interaction, and the production."

(no rating, VinylKnut, November 2017 by Knut Tore Breivik)


"This is a good, old fashioned rock album, which is bound to get your feet tapping and head nodding. Big things are expected of these lads"

(no rating, Classic Rock Society, January 2016 by MC)

"... nitrogen is burned up faster than the engines can fill as they fly across everything from Iron Maiden, Sabbath to Slayer back and forth."

(9/10, Metalliville.com, December 2015 by Dave Attrill)


"And then there's their playing; this is a band full of the kind of swagger that's born of miles on the road and hours in the studio. They're tight, too: the kind of tightness that only three-pieces seem able to muster; the instruments practically breathing together."

(no rating, Powerplay, October 2015 by Wayne Simmons)