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Ohmwork - classic rock merged with metal and a trace of prog

OHMWORK - a power trio from Norway emphasizing great performance , hard hitting drum grooves, thunderous bass, heavy and energetic guitars and vocal lines with great melodies and hooks. The band is characterized as loud and bombastic with an attitude of 'take no prisoners'! 


Anders L. Rasmussen - vocals & guitars



Børge Bendiksen - drums



Helge Nyrud - bass

Established in April 2012, the members hit the ground running, and they soon realized they had more than enough riffs to start writing on their first album. Most of the writing process materialized at the rehearsal room where the band jammed on riffs that very quickly became the core of their debut Storm Season.

Ohmwork released their first ever single 'Outside In' May 31, 2013. Later on it was remixed and re-released January 24, 2014. Their debut album, Storm Season was released February 14, 2014. September 19 they released the single, 'Reptile'. This track was later included on their next album.


Their second album ShadowTech was released through Ghost Town Artist on May 29, 2015 (this album was by fault released under the moniker 'Ohmwork', but later on corrected...). The single 'Veil of Sanity' came out May 9.


June 16, 2016 Ohmwork released an EP titled 'Mother City'. Four tracks that later were remixed and included on the concept album 'Alyssa Drone' that came out October 20, 2017. 'Requiem of the Fallen' (September 15), and 'The Self-Exploration Chair (October 13) were released as singles. The double vinyl Alyssa Drone was a true statement of a band who's tighter and heavier than ever, and still a mighty force to be reconed with!  It was released through Rob Mules Records, and was very well recieved by both critics and fans.

Friday the 13th of September 2019 Ohmwork released another concept album, HorrorWorks. Again, many labeled this as a great album coming from the power trio from the northern Norway! The two singles 'Sleep Killing' and 'The Octavius' came out the weeks before the album release.


Ohmwork has toured Norway numerous times including festivals, Rockmaraton in Hungary, support gigs for Bente Smaavik, and the Norwegian metal giants, Jorn. 

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