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Rockmaraton went very well!

The band had a lovely time over in Pecs, Hungary. We stayed there for five days, including a social trip to Budapest. We had the pleasure of hanging out with top notch guys like Zoltan and Carmine. Thank you guys for an excellent time over there in Pecs and Budapest!

The concert itself went very well with a great crowd and a band in top shape! Right after Germany had crushed Brazil with 7-1, the band hit the stage. The setlist was as follows:

1. Revolution of Man

2. Treading Water

3. Religion & Darkness

4. Burning Question

5. Broken Dawn

6. Psycho Reversed

7. Helter Skelter

8. Outside In

9. Trial of the Witch

10. Mississippi Queen (originally a Mountain song, done "the Ohmwork way")

11. Slumber

12. Whom To Be

We're hoping to post some videos and more pictures soon. Check the site again soon, more to follow.

Ohmwork backstage at Rockmaraton

Backstage after the show.

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