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New album in the works. A crowdfunding will take place late December.

In 2017 we hope to make our dream come through with a release of a double concept album. The album will be titled, 'Alyssa Drone'. It will be an epic steampunk tale of a pirate Queen and her battle against evil.

... Somewhere in time, a world far away, a child is born. The prophecy of the holy men has finally come true. The birth of a child, the chosen one that one day would be queen, and to restore the balance between light and darkness. A protector of the realm and keeper of the faith. The spirit within them all.

From a dark corner of the world, darkness is looming. The word of the chosen one has reached the ear of Shadow. The evil master. The spirit black. With dark magic, he had gathered a great empire under his evil spells. To maintain his immense power, he feasts on lost souls imprisoned and hidden in the pages of ‘The Book of Spirits’.

The new light of hope must be destroyed. By killing the child, all the realm will be his to take ...

It will without a doubt be our biggest achievement to date. This will surely be an unique and groundbreaking release coming from the Norwegian hard rock and metal community! A concept album, packed with great songs telling a story all wrapped into a double LP with spectacular artwork!

To fund this spectacle we need help from our fans. On December 27th we will begin a month-long crowdfunding. More news on this will follow the next couple of weeks. Every one of your donations, big and small will be extremely appreciated!

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