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Alyssa Drone cover art!

The new release, a concept album, will be out 20th of October through Rob Mules Records. It will be released on double vinyl, CD and all digital outlets.

Alyssa Drone was recorded at Lydproduksjon (Tromso/Norway) 1th of May 2016 and 15th to 18th of June this year with Yngvar Mehus at the helm. The album consists of 10 tracks telling the story of the steampunk/pirat queen, Alyssa Drone. Two bonus tracks are included.

Art work by Maik Beiersdorf. Learn more of his work by visiting

Track listing:

1. Alyssa Drone pt. 1

2. Mother City

3. Shadow Hunters

4. The Book of Spirits

5. Devils Dance

6. Alyssa Drone pt. 2

7. Judas

8. The Self-Exploration Chair

9. Retribution

10. Requiem of the Fallen

11. Alyssa Drone (full version)

12. Requiem of the Fallen (radio edit)

All tracks by Rasmussen, Nyrud and Bendiksen

Produced by Ohmwork

Recorded at Lydproduksjon, Norway

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Yngvar Mehus

Art work by Maik Beiersdorf

Distribution by Diger, Norway

LP, CD and digitally

Rob Mules Records

Alyssa Drone cover art

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