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'Sleep Killing' and tour

'Sleep Killing' will be out 16 August on Rob Mules Records! From the upcoming album HorrorWorks, 'Sleep Killing' is a fierce, mid tempo slugger - giving you a taste of what is to come. 'Sleep Killing' comes out as a music video as well. Good times!

Cover art by Vegard Laupstad

We are happy to announce some of the tour dates supporting the new album:

09/12/19: Backbeat. 'Unplugged and listening party' (Tromsø/Norway)

09/13/19: Blå (Sortland/Norway)

09/14/19: Riggen (Andenes/Norway)

09/28/19: Kulturhuset, Lillescenen (Tromsø/Norway)

10/04/19: Fru Lundgreen (Trondheim/Norway)

10/05/19: Vaterland. 'Annual rock Show - Oslo' (Oslo/Norway)

24/01/20: Prelaten (Tromsø/Norway)

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