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Say hello to Ohmwork's new drummer!

After two years without a drummer, pandemic and shutdown, and generally little 'ohmworking', Ohmwork have finally found someone to take over the place behind the battery! Welcome, Espen Solli!

Espen was born and raised in Tromso, with roots in distant eastern Finnmark and the wild islands of Karlsøy. He has previously played in bands such as Nofield, This Is How We End, Nils Martin/FRI5K and Framework.

Drummers such as Charlie Hall, Phil Rudd, Matt Sorum, Johan Langell, Bill Burr, Abe Cunningham and Børge Fjordheim remain as inspirations and favorites from an early age to how his style has shaped over the years.

As he says himself: Give 110% in Ohmwork, and continue to be grateful and humble for the opportunity to take over from one of the city's great drum legends!

We all wish Espen lots of luck in Ohmwork!

Photo by Kristian Berg


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