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Coverart Fractions.jpg
Fractions (EP)

'Fractions' (Rob Mules Records). Released 15th of December 2023. 


Track Listing:

1. Unseen

2. Song to the Siren

3. No Other Way

4. Devil's Dance

Coverart Adrift.png
Adrift (single)

'Adrift' (Rob Mules Records). Released 1th of September 2023.

Ohmwork - Hill of Tara coverart.jpg
Hill of Tara (single)

'Hill of Tara' (Rob Mules Records). Released 4th of June 2021.

Horrorworks coverart.jpg
HorrorWorks (album)

'HorrorWorks' (Rob Mules Records). Released 13th of September 2019. 


Track Listing:

1. The Phantom Killer

2. The Octavius

3. The Dancing Plague

4. Typhiod Mary

5. Sleep Killing

6. 112 Ocean Avenue

7. Courtesy Call

8. The Ballad of Elisa Lam

Alyssa Drone (album)

'Alyssa Drone' (Rob Mules Records). Released 20th of October 2017. 


Track Listing:

1. Alyssa Drone pt. 1

2. Mother City (remix)

3. Shadow Hunters (remix)

4. The Book of Spirits

5. Devils Dance (remix)

6. Alyssa Drone pt. 2

7. Judas (remix)

8. The Self-Exploration Chair

9. Retribution

10. Requiem of the Fallen

11. Alyssa Drone (full version)

In Hindsight coverart.jpg
In Hindsight (album)

'In Hindsight' (Rob Mules Records). Released 13th of October 2023. 


Track Listing:

1. Trial of the Witch (pt. II)

2. 17 Years

3. Welcome to My Insanity

4. Turmoil

5. Relentlessly Closer

6. Hindsight

7. The Web

8. Adrift

Ohmwork - Pareidolia coverart.jpg
Pareidolia (album)

'Pareidolia' (Rob Mules Records). Released 27th of August 2021. 


Track Listing:

1. Born from Black

2. Liquid Fire

3. Blood & Snow

4. The Giver

5. Hill of Tara

6. The Noise in My Head

7. Lifer

8. Mental Meltdown

9. Apocalyptic Now

Ohmwork - Liquid Fire coverart copy.jpg
Liquid Fire (single)

'Liquid Fire' (Rob Mules Records). Released 5th of March 2021.

Sleep Killing coverart.jpg
Sleep Killing (single)

'Sleep Killing' (Rob Mules Records). Released 16th of August 2019.

The Self-Exploration Chair

'The Self-Exploration Chair' (Rob Mules Records).

Released 13th of October 2017.

Requiem of the Fallen
Mother City (EP)

'Requiem of the Fallen (radio edit)' (Rob Mules Records).

Released 15th of September 2017.

'Mother City' (Thump/Ghost Town Artist). Released 17th of June 2016. 


Track Listing:

1. Mother City

2. Shadow Hunters

3. Devils Dance

4. Judas

ShadowTech (album)

'ShadowTech' (Ghost Town Artist). Released 29th of May 2015. 


Track Listing:

1. Burning Question

2. Psycho Reversed

3. Treading Water

4. Reptile

5. Bloodstone

6. Religion and Darkness

7. The Raven Is You

8. Cradle to Grave

9. Veil of Sanity

Veil of Sanity (single)

'Veil of Sanity' (Ghost Town Artist). Released 9th of May 2015.

Reptile (single)

'Reptile' (Ghost Town Artist). Released 19th of September 2014.

Storm Season (album)

'Storm Season' (Thump/Indie Distribution). Released 14th of February 2014. 


Track Listing:

1. Outside In

2. Slumber

3. Whom to Be

4. Broken Dawn

5. The Circle's End

6. Revolution of Man

7. Computerized

8. Move On

9. Helter Skelter

10. Trial of the Witch

11. Cain

Outside In (single)

'Outside In' (Thump/Indie Distribution). Released 16th of January 2014.

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