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New album 13th of October!

Ohmwork are set to release their sixth album In Hindsight (digital and LP) on Friday the 13th of October!

This release promises to captivate fans with its powerful and diverse collection of eight heavy tracks, showcasing an exciting departure from the band's previous works. While their previous effort Pareidolia (2021) had glimpses of new sonic textures, In Hindsight takes it much further. This album is a milestone in Ohmwork's discography, pushing the boundaries of their musical style and incorporating innovative elements to deliver an experience that is both visceral and transcendent.

Each track has been meticulously crafted to showcase the band's growth and evolution as musicians and storytellers, offering a fresh perspective on their creative prowess. In Hindsight promises to take listeners on a thrilling and emotionally charged journey. From the hard-hitting anthem ‘The Web’, to the doomy and angst-ridden ‘17 Years’, this album showcases the band's ability to seamlessly weave together heaviness and melody.

Track listing:

  1. Trial of the Witch (pt. II)

  2. 17 Years

  3. Welcome to My Insanity

  4. Turmoil

  5. Relentlessly Closer

  6. Hindsight

  7. The Web

  8. Adrift (feat. Kjetil Solberg)

Produced by Ohmwork

Artwork by Spencer Robens Design


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