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New album Pareidolia out Aug 27

Ohmwork release new studio album Pareidolia Aug 27!

The music of Pareidolia is written by Rasmussen/Nyrud. A well-oiled partnership with a desire of pushing the boundaries for their upcoming album release! Such as giving more variety and contrast to the songs, experimenting with different guitar tunings, including more acoustic guitars and let the mellotron and a huge choir play a role too – all of this while leaving lots of heavy crushing riffs in the mix!

Lyrically it may be the strongest of all album releases from Ohmwork. Tracks like ‘Born from Black’ and ‘Apocalyptic Now’ are truly soul-searching journeys of both hope and despair. Tales of broken dreams where you may find a glimmer of hope. All lyrics are contributed by the excellent wordsmith, Krister K. Eid.

Track listing:

  1. Born from Black

  2. Liquid Fire

  3. Blood & Snow

  4. The Giver

  5. Hill of Tara

  6. The Noise in My Head

  7. Lifer

  8. Mental Meltdown

  9. Apocalyptic Now

Label: Rob Mules Records Artwork by Vegard Laupstad


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